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Jim Hall


Chief Information Officer / Senior IT Leader

An innovative, high-achieving Senior IT Leader with significant experience in higher education and corporate environments backed by skills in organizational development, project management, and technology development.

Leverages personal qualities such as being Innovative, collaborative, a planner, visionary, a consensus-builder, hands-on, supportive and a relationship-builder to bring value to organizations through:

Technology Development
Drives innovative, leading edge technology development across multiple delivery platforms including enterprise, web-based and mobile to add new functionality and improve the end user experience.
Organizational Development
Impacts organizations by consolidating teams to become leaner and more efficient and effective in service delivery and systems development and support. Highly skilled in bringing together diverse groups to help plan and staff enterprise-wide technology programs.
Turnaround Situations
Moves stagnant situations to resolution with positive organizational impact. Turns chronic budget woes to having strong reserves allowing needed technology initiatives to be pursued.
Project Management
Proposes, initiates and leads the development of $1+ million projects including software development, hardware, networking, mobility, enterprise and vendor purchase.
Cost Control
Spearheads projects to reduce costs while improving reliability and efficiency of core business systems. Models organization-wide hardware needs and uses to standardize on desktop and laptop manufacturer and model wherever possible, slashing purchase and support costs.
Change Management
Fosters a climate enabling change, such as outsourcing traditionally in-house processes and converting from personal desktop to the sphere of Apps and other forward thinking solutions.