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Success Stories

County delivers critical online training system in six months

ref: Ramsey County, June 2016.

County passes key milestone, provides better, faster, stronger Internet access

ref: Ramsey County, June 2016.

County modernizes website, improves access to all staff

ref: Ramsey County, May 2016

University builds Mobile Events app to inform students about upcoming campus events

ref: Build vs. buy: Why Morris chose to build, by Avi Asher-Shapiro, University Business, October 2013.

Cross-Functional Team Effort Enables Company To Become First Legal Firm to Establish Website

System Migration Improves Performance Across Critical Business / IT Functions

Cross-Collaboration Effort Consolidates Five Server Support Groups Into a Single Unit Managing 1,100+ Servers

One-On-One Team Meetings Lead to Merging Three Unix Support Teams Into a Single Unit

Work Planning Process Enables College to Build-Up $105,000+ in Reserve Funds

New Policies and Processes Help College Resolve Six Major Audit Findings

IT Partnerships and University Resources Facilitate a $1.5 Million Network Upgrade Project

Web Registration System Migration Saves $975,000

Web Hosting Centralization Initiative Cuts Costs in Half