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Volunteer History

IT Leadership

–present Government IT Symposium

Annual government IT conference.

Program committee member. Government IT Symposium brings together over 1,000 IT leaders and professionals from across the spectrum of government agencies and systems, along with their private and civic sector partners, for three days of engagement, inspiration and information.

2015–present University of Minnesota Technical Communication Advisory Board

Advisory board for University of Minnesota Technical Communication program.

Advisory board member. The Technical Communication Advisory Board is a group of business leaders who provide pathways to experiential learning opportunities for students. Opportunities can include networking, mentoring, internships, and case competitions.


Annual higher education IT conference.

Program committee member. Provide input on program content, session formats, and in suggesting speakers. This team also reviews and evaluates session proposals, exercising a major influence on the content of EDUCAUSE Connect 2014. Members take active roles at Connect, such as convening sessions, facilitating discussions, and introducing speakers.

Open Source Software

–present The FreeDOS Project

Open source software implementation of the DOS operating system.

Founder and Project Coordinator (equivalent to Executive Director). Lead collaborative international development efforts, build engagement with online developer community. Created initial set of utilities, add-ons, and developer libraries, including a library to support international languages. Webmaster, web development and databases.

–present Open Source Initiative

Non-profit organization dedicated to promoting open source software.

Member. Advocate.

2014–present GNOME Foundation

A free software graphical desktop project.

Usability testing, in partnership with GNOME Design team. Usability test results provide continuous improvements in GNOME desktop and applications.

GNOME Foundation Board of Directors

Non-profit organization coordinating the efforts in the GNOME project.

Director on Board of Directors. Provide direction and governance for GNOME project, a free software project. Hired new GNOME Executive Director.

Summer, 2016; Summer, 2015; Spring, 2015; Winter, 2018–2019 Outreachy

Non-profit organization to help underrepresented groups get involved in open source software.

Mentor usability testing for GNOME. Outreachy is formerly known as Outreach Program for Women. Usability test results were used to improve GNOME desktop and applications.

Fall 2015 & Spring 2017 University of Minnesota Morris — Morris, MN

Adjunct professor. Four-year liberal arts university.

CSCI 4609 Processes, Programming, and Languages: Usability of Open Source Software.